Ikhtisar Pekerjaan

Cikarang, Jawa Barat
Jenis pekerjaan
Waktu Penuh
10,000,000 Rp - 15,000,000 Rp Per Bulan
bisa dinegosiasikan
Tanggal Diposting
2 bulan yang lalu

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ID Pekerjaan
Tampilan Pekerjaan

Uraian Tugas

Job Description And Qualifications

  • Job Posting Title Electrical Engineer
  • Job Description Summary
  • To provide technical solutions to remote and on-site plant locations for safe, reliable and efficient operation, and maintenance of all electrical equipment installed and operating at Air Products facilities in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia, and at any other facility as directed by OTS Electrical Engineering Manager.

The incumbent is responsible for the safe operation and technical direction of the maintenance-based electrical engineering group located in SEA. OTS provides the technical support for the solutions to problems associated with the electrical systems and equipment, provides input and approval for equipment selected for new projects, provides hands-on expertise for resolution of major technical problems, and provides formal input for new project and standards revisions and development. The incumbent's must be capable of responding to emergency situations at any time with little guidance or support.

The incumbent must combine his leadership and technical hands-on skills to offer safe and timely solutions under high pressure situations. The incumbent must be able to function effectively in the field environment, in the presence of in-house business and management personnel and in presence of customers business and technical personnel.

Planning is an important part of the incumbent’s responsibility. A constant re-evaluation of group priorities and workload is required to adequately meet the current requirements. The incumbent must be able to schedule and prioritize his assignments in response to the shifting situations inherent in an operations environment. The position is responsible to contribute to the development and implementation of the Preventative Maintenance program for electrical equipment and systems in SEA.

The incumbent also must provide electrical guidance and leadership to expanding business, joint venture and acquisitions in SEA region as assigned by the OTS Electrical Engineering Manager. The engineer’s assessment and decisions on which standards and procedures must be retrofitted and followed for acquired facilities, may have significant safety and financial impact on the new business. The incumbent is responsible to make those decisions, and communicate the requirement to the line and facility management.


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