Admin Operasional

PT Reefer Specialist
Jakarta Timur
Rp 0 - 0 per Month
Job Description
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Job Requirement
PT Reefer Specialist
Monday - Friday
Jakarta Timur
Web Design & Development
Company Overview

We are an expert in\r\nthis field\r\nWith over 20 years experience, we have tons solution for your shipping business. With latest technology & professional certify technicians on the field.\r\n\r\nWe are The Authorized Dealer & Parts in Indonesia\r\nHandle by Professional Certify Technician for your Reefer, Trucks & Trailer\r\nExperienced in over 20 years of Reefer, Trucks & Trailer\r\nWe check, analyze & give solution for your Reefer problems at your place

Posted 04 Jul 2022
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