Senior Staff QA / QC

PT Adelphi TransAsia Indonesia
Rp 0 - 0 per Month
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Job Requirement
PT Adelphi TransAsia Indonesia
Monday - Friday
Web Design & Development
Company Overview

Tentang Perusahaan\r\n\r\nLaunched in 2005, \"Mama Roz\" has grown from a humble start up into an recognized brand among middle upper consumers.\r\nOur products are strong market leader with dominant market share for fresh juice categories in most premium stores.\r\nMama Roz differentiation includes superior ingredients from fresh fruits (not concentrate), door-to-door delivery with extensive variants.\r\nSince 2013, Mama Roz has relocated its modern plant to Cikupa Mas industrial estate in Tangerang. \r\nOur juice brand \"Mama Roz\" is a premium market leader for 10 Years in 100 Plus stores from Jakarta to Surabaya.\r\nIf you seek high-growth company with innovative product, service and creative business model, talk to us !\r\nAnd if you\'re strong-driven, performance-oriented, keen in building career (not simply job), we want you !\r\n\r\nWebsite :\r\n\r\nInstagram : @mamaroz_id\r\n

Posted 22 Aug 2022
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